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Being discriminated against due to age is not only offensive, it is also illegal in the workplace. In workplaces with 20 or more employees, workers who are 40 and older are protected by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. While there are certain exceptions to this act that are clearly outlined, employers are not allowed to fire or take any other negative actions against employees based on their age.

At Solmer Law, we fight for those who are facing unfair treatment in the workplace and work to help them overcome the obstacles they face. Our skilled and experienced Orange County age discrimination lawyer is passionate about providing zealous representation that powerfully communicates our clients' stories.

Examples of Age Discrimination

Proving that you were fired or that you experienced negative backlash under suspicious circumstances is not necessarily the main challenge. Proving that your age directly influenced negative employer action is the difficult part.

Some common examples of age discrimination include:

  • Being refused a job due to your age
  • Being fired due to your age
  • Being passed over for promotions due to your age
  • Experiencing unreasonably negative performance reviews due to your age

In many cases, discrimination is not so blatant and could even occur in something as simple as a policy change or a budget cut that primarily affects a workplace's older employees.

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